Retro Roll — an experiential marketing agency based in Southern California

An Experiential Marketing Company

Vintage vans.

Modern marketing.

Timeless impact.

It's time to take your digital campaigns to the street. While online marketing plays a crucial role, people crave human connection. Foster brand loyalty, gather invaluable analytics, and fill your marketing funnel with Retro Roll's fusion of style and substance. Let's roll into a new era of consumer engagement together.

Bring your brand to life.

Venture boldly into new markets in style while we build a stage to foster genuine connection, drive brand investment, and make an enduring impression.

Forge real connections.

Immerse your audience in the atmosphere of vintage authenticity. Offer a warm cookie rather than an ad to click on. It's real connections that strengthen brand loyalty most.

Capture immediate returns.

Transform your marketing spend into measurable success. Experiential marketing is a winning strategy as consumers are significantly more inclined to purchase post-event, especially after engaging with live product demonstrations.

Sustain lasting impacts.

Our engagements leave a lasting impression that enhances your brand's image, generates digital buzz, and word-of-mouth long after the campaign concludes. They'll never click unfollow after making these memories with you.

Craft the campaign of your dreams.

Whether you're experimenting with new products, exploring new markets, or looking to bolster brand awareness, Retro Roll is eager to rev up marketing muscle for all our clients regardless of their scale or stature. Our full-service experiential agency is prepared to design and launch your unforgettable brand experience.

Customization and branding

Personalize your activation.

We artfully transform our vintage vans into an extension of your brand aesthetic. We offer bespoke customization options to ensure the vans and their setting reflect your identity and elevate your story.

Scouting and arrangements

Set the stage anywhere.

Let us handle the hard stuff. From scouting the ideal location to handling all event arrangements, we want you to relax and enjoy the face-to-face time with your customers. We've got the logistics.

Campaign analytics

Capture leads and insights.

We don't just clock brand impressions. We distill QR contact capture, digital surveys, and more into real-time engagement and sentiment analytics, ensuring a deeply-impactful campaign.

Photography and social media

Capture and share the moments.

Extend the reach of your campaign online with professional photography and social media content. We capture the essence of your campaign, creating stunning visuals perfect for sharing.

Capture leads and insights.

Transform your marketing spend into measurable success. Proximity marketing is a winning strategy to target new consumers with your message based on their vicinity to our Retro Roll vans. In short, we roll in the party and then digitally draw everyone nearby to join in the fun and experience your brand and products.


Utilize dedicated coupons to incentivize customers and increase sales.


Reward loyal customers with personalized campaigns to strengthen their loyalty further.


Gain valuable insights into customer behavior, such as visit frequency and movement patterns, to optimize operations.


Enhance the customer experience by guiding them to our Retro Roll vans.


Engage customers through gamified experiences, like rewarding consumers for reserving product trials or demos.

Embark on your journey today.

Let's adventure together. Our beautifully restored vintage French vans provide the ideal backdrop for making the human connections we thrive on.

Let’s go!

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Hey, fellow creators!

We're Dana and Chad, partners in life and now in business. With Dana's eye for design and Chad's knack for marketing, Retro Roll is our shared vision, born from a passion to create something extraordinary.

Our journey started with a wild adventure through Marseille, Lyon, and London hunting for the perfect Citroen HY vans. We shipped our treasures through the Panama Canal to sunny Southern CA, where we rolled up our sleeves and transformed them into badass marketing mobiles. It's been a wild ride, and we're just getting started!

Inspired by the nostalgia of these iconic vehicles, Retro Roll isn't just an agency—it's a playground for creativity. Here, innovative ideas and tangible experiences collide to leave a lasting impression.

So, buckle up and join us on this wild Retro Roll adventure. We promise it'll be a ride you won't forget!

Dana & Chad Mack
Founders, Retro Roll
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